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About Us


Kellamäe Kivitööstus LLC is located on island Saaremaa, nearby Kuressaare. We have 40 years of experience in stonemasonry, the profession, that expects long traditions and experience that are carried on from master to apprentice.

Our company is the oldest one in this field on the island. Within many years we have improved our skills and techniques according to up to date technology. Intensive product research has led us to several new solutions.

Opening time: Mon–Fri 8 am–5 pm, Sat 8 am–12 pm. Subscribed tombstones are ready in 24 hours. Free deposition of completed works.

                   We offer
  • Tombstones and statues
  • Memorial markers, cenotaphs
  • Granite bordering for tombs
  • Cremation urns and vases
  • Granite benches
  • Portraits for tombstones
  • Bronze letters and ornaments
  • Transportation and installation
  • 400 different decorative ornaments
  • Coloring and goldening letters and ornaments
  • Monuments, tombstones and markers cleaning
  • Restoration works
  • Special works (stone polishing, sawing etc)